What is the best way to use DrinkMate?

When DrinkMate is “warming up”, do not hold your device near your mouth or nose, so you are not unintentionally breathing on the sensor while it is attempting to stabilize.

1) Do not use DrinkMate with the carrying case still on it. The case blocks the exhaust vents for the sensor

2) Wait 10-15 minutes after your last alcoholic beverage to allow any remaining alcohol to dissipate. (Waving DrinkMate around will help clear the sensor faster)

3) Blow into DrinkMate such that the end is 1-2 centimeters from your mouth. While taking a measurement, purse your lips (like whistling) and blow steadily, but very softly, into the sensor until prompted to stop. Try to minimize motion as much as possible. Using your fingers as a “guide” helps, but do not put your lips on DrinkMate itself. Blowing harder will not help you get a measurement.

DrinkMate’s measurements are also affected by the surrounding environment. If you are in a bar with high ambient alcohol / smoke / humidity in the air, DrinkMate will struggle to compute an accurate measurement, because it is being influenced by factors other than the user’s BAC.

Why is my device always ‘Saturated’?

Perpetual saturation errors are most commonly due to the sensor in DrinkMate picking up the ambient evaporated alcohol (from open alcoholic beverages) in a bar environment, especially if a measurement has already been taken. While the sensor in DrinkMate is most sensitive to alcohol, factors such as smoke, excess humidity, and airborne dust or other particles.

This significantly degrades DrinkMate’s ability to take an accurate measurements, so we display an error message and attempt to clear the sensor by cycling the heater multiple times.

There are times when the air itself is ‘drunk’, so DrinkMate will cannot recover enough to even attempt a measurement. We’re hard at work tuning this characteristic in the app and will be improving it with future app updates soon to come. In the meantime, moving to “cleaner” air or outside should allow you to take a measurement.

Remember to wave DrinkMate around to speed up the sensor clearing process!

My DrinkMate is not being detected by the app, what can I do?

100% of DrinkMates went through our calibration and testing machine, so we make sure they are working right before they are shipped from our factories, but sometimes there are characteristics of certain phones which cause a communication breakdown.

From the initial unboxing, it may take a few tries to get DrinkMate to register successfully, since it has been powered down since the calibration testing.


Wait 7 – 10 seconds after plugging your DrinkMate in. If it does not connect, try flipping it over (i.e. plugging it in upside-down). The Lightning port is reversible, but sometimes the iPhone is sensitive to which side is plugged in.

Check the “about” section of your app and see if there is a serial number registered. If so, but the app still does not allow you to ‘Test your BAC’ then please contact us with your serial number.


DrinkMate is supported on over 10,000 Android devices, but there are still a few cases in which DrinkMate will not be supported. The easiest way to determine if your phone is compatible is by searching the model at GSMArena. Under ‘Specifications’–>’Comms’–>’USB’, if you do not see ‘USB Host’ explicitly stated, then unfortunately this device is not compatible with DrinkMate.

If your device is listed as compatible, and DrinkMate will still not connect, contact us with your phone make/model, and DrinkMate serial number, if listed.

I’m getting Inaccurate / Inconsistent readings

We stand behind DrinkMate 100%, and all of our products pass through a custom calibration machine, which finds and stores characteristics that allow us to provide accurate measurements. DrinkMate is tuned for alcohol detection, but there are other environmental characteristics which can impact the performance, such as smoke, humidity, dust, wind, and how hard or soft the user blows into DrinkMate.

We find that most instances of inconsistent measurements come down to inconsistent usage, if you need a refreshers, see our usage tips (above), and always blow in a consistent fashion..

If you perceive your DrinkMate measurements as consistently high or low, contact us with your device serial number, and we can review and modify the calibration as necessary.

Does DrinkMate require re-calibration? How do I care for my DrinkMate?

Replace the cap after each use. DrinkMate should be wiped clean occasionally, and the two vents should remain free of debris, but there are no mouthpieces to clean.


DrinkMate uses a resilient sensor at its core that does not require re-calibration after a large amount of uses. Our most recent lab test performed over 1100 measurements on a single DrinkMate over two days.  The device was left to air out for a day, and then put through our calibration test, where it was 90% as accurate as a brand new DrinkMate.

I haven’t received my order, where is my DrinkMate?

Domestic (USA)

DrinkMate is shipped via USPS mail and typically arrives between 3-5 business days.


International orders typically arrive 7-10 business days after shipment, and are shipped via USPS International. Tracking for these shipments ceases at the last US port (Typically Jamacia, NY), but will be updated once the package has been delivered. Shipping time can however take up to 4 weeks, subject to random customs inspections

Does DrinkMate have a battery?

No! It is powered entirely by your mobile device

Does DrinkMate use mouthpieces?

No! See the “Usage Tips” section for more about how to use DrinkMate correctly

What is the typical usage lifetime of DrinkMate?

We’ve put DrinkMates through their paces in the lab, with over one thousand successive readings, and have not found the sensitivity to decrease by a measurable amount. In the wild, we have DrinkMates with 700+ uses which are still going strong!

Why Was DrinkMate Discontinued?

We were thrilled to have been able to develop and release DrinkMate! It was not an easy task, and we learned A LOT along the way.

We tried to plan the best we could, build exciting new features, and continually-refine our BAC algorithms with community support. When the DrinkMate was designed, we strived for a performant product (no long ‘Warming up’ times), quick results, and an effortless App experience.

While we designed to all the Apple specifications at the time, everything changed with iOS 11, the iPhone 7, and it’s water-resistant design. The way they detect / protect the phone against water damage, is by sensing current on the Lightning port’s power pins. Turn’s out, this is very similar to what happens when DrinkMate is ‘Warming up’ for a measurement, causing the phone to erroneously stop delivering power. So over the course of software update, a product that was working, is now obsolete.

After many unsuccessful attempts for Apple to investigate/improve this functionality, we finally decided to retire the DrinkMate line.

We hope to be back someday with something even better, building off all the experience gained building and supporting the DrinkMate. We once again thank our initial backers and all of our customers for supporting DrinkMate!